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8 things interesting and attractive for traveling aboard

Tourism is about the precious time for family, friends or for yourself. Moreover, you can discover interesting things of life.
1. Expand knowledge and soul
The wise man has a common point is that they are "moved", both physically and mentally. Buddha, Lord Jesu, Che Guevara, Ho Chi Minh ... they had to leave their safe zone, to a new land. There they learned the synthetic layers of history, geography, architecture, language ... All of them are the real experience that no book can teach.
Not sure you'll economic wealth, but surely will be full knowledge bank added daily. As Augustine once said: "The world is a book, one does not go, then only read one page."
Every time a new land, we will be in contact with people and lifestyles unique there, and that these things will make us open our hearts to receive the quintessence from many cultures different chemicals. From there, our hearts will become more open and have more to glimpse many problems in life.
2. Good communication, openness and friendly
When traveling to a new land. If you want to learn about the history and culture of the land, it's best that you go talk to the natives. After each conversation, your ability to communicate will be better. Communicate more with strangers also make you become open, more friendly with the people around. In addition, travel is one of the fastest ways to learn a foreign language.
3. Have more friends
Along the way, you will have the opportunity to get acquainted with new friends. They may be the ones traveling with you, can also be natives. And especially the posts by people you have the same interests as you.
4. Relax the mind after a stressful working day
After a long day of work at the office, a school will cause your body to become sluggish and tired. A trip will help you change the atmosphere, making the pleasure soul.
Moreover, you can combine with exciting activities such as hiking, swimming or playing beach soccer 1 match with the local population. Try new things that will help you get rid of the thinking "stress" in their daily lives and improve stamina effectively. Lucid wisdom comes with the supple body, it is superb.
5. Enjoy special dishes
In a flat world today, food is still a cultural peculiarity of each local... There must eat the right foods local origin, are properly cooked with indigenous materials and new features exudes the essence of all of the dishes. If traveling somewhere, spend one evening walk around and enjoy the specialties of the place was offline. Memories that will be very difficult to forget it.
6. Refresh yourself
Arriving in foreign lands giving you a fresh feeling. No longer is 4 walls and computer monitors stuffy, you find the vast sea with green ocean row, immersed in the highlands where sun and wind, immense trees. All the fatigue, pressure from life, office quickly blown away, and instead of a new soul, ready to flush innovative ideas, groundbreaking. So, whether vacation days allowed to spend no less when you return you will certainly work efficiency many times over.
7. Personality becomes more active
Go more, see more, experience more will help you to mature and have insight into life more. It was the girls will become more personal, but also become more generous. personality cuter, more open. And the boys will become more confident because of new experiences not everyone has.
Traveling by tour, everything was company travel arrangements. You were not doing anything but spend money, portable suitcase up and go. In contrast, the self-traveling you will prepare for the smallest things, such as buying tickets, reservations, find locations, rental car ...
Also, in your journey you may also encounter the unforeseen issue, such as the missing ship, not rent property, lost, damaged car halfway, are going to see heavy rain, forget fixtures ... However, the issue that will help you learn how to solve problems in a flexible manner. How many times gone through, you'll have the bravery to face any situation in life and work, the stronger and more independent.
8. Less materialistic than
During your trip, you will realize life really is not entirely dependent on the material. You will find most of what sellers are offering no avail yourself

The great benefit when traveling abroad

Tourism is about the ideal respite, that experience made me change. Whether traveling abroad or domestically, after each trip as we are growing up much.
  1. Become stronger
Traveling, especially the trip alone means you will have to take care of themselves or even make important decisions during his trip. The worst situations are likely to occur and would be a miracle if you can pass.
You may have read the information about the risks, about the tragic accident of tourists but please do not flinch. Make what you know to be the best motivation for preparing an adventure.
Even before the trip could also appear the problem as this hotel is good or not? Or where to go next, how to prepare what? ...
ELLE believe, the decision whether big or small are also demanding both physically and mentally we have to be very brave and strong.
  1. Sharp and quick when making solutions
Get lost between the airport Great when traveling abroad, go the wrong subway, lost hotel address, ... all these things can happen every trip, especially traveling abroad - have a completely new area and unfamiliar. But do not flinch or frantic hurry up because of anxiety, calm is important to have secrets before backpack up.
The Truth will become interesting and memorable for those if you can pass. Keep thinking very smooth and calm demeanor. After the trip, your intuition will be sharper because it had solved the difficult problem than that.
  1. Find the peace of mind
Traveling attached to it is free, this is the opportunity for you to discover yourself. After all, travel is about time for you to relax and do things you enjoy. Before you can trip up a list of things you want to do but never had the chance.
Starting from simple things like open-heart chat with friends or stroll down the beach, sipping a cup of coffee between nature, ... would cause any chaos in the heart vanishes and what remains is inner peace by itself.
You will have time to ruminate about yourself, be it about the dream as a young man or the people you love the most about these beautiful moments childhood ... even you do not have to think all that just enjoy the present moment is enough. A sedentary soul will be the most valuable thing that you get from the trip.
  1. Learn to overcome their own barriers
Out outside the safety zone of the self is what one must accept when traveling, especially when traveling abroad. There will be times when you feel anxious and skeptical but thought it was self-defense mechanism to help you, protect yourself from danger.
Do not be afraid to sleep in bed third floor of carriages along the country during the 30 hours, do not grimace when natives invite you to a plate of roasted grasshoppers, .. You are going to discover that body, an adventure would have no meaning if you do not dare to challenge their own limits.
Life is full of difficulties and challenges but the key is how you look at the problem. "What does not kill you makes you stronger".
  1. Look at life with the eyes of more optimistic
Beauty is always touched human hearts. Beauty can come from human sincerity, simplicity, and hospitality, which in a strange place, will make you feel warm as ever. Please respond to the prosperity of the landlord by the passionate embrace, small though this action will leave a lasting imprint on the land which you go through.
After the trip, you will realize that this life so beautiful how humans treat each other well and did not concern you come from culture. One finds happiness in simple things out of ink without knowing the economic downturn or how different countries how disputes. Look at life with the eyes of optimism is the most important lesson that people should learn from each other.

These difficult situations while traveling and workarounds

No known previous tackle a vexing circumstance can ruin your vacation. Here is the difficult situation you may encounter and how to handle.
  • You lost your way
This is quite popular with tourists. Especially, if you are traveling alone, do not know the local language, the situation can make you panic. However, well-known travel companies Danang Green propose a few ways to help you escape from this situation:
  • The most classic is always to bring the hotel address before you go out.
  • 2nd way, if you do not go too far from your hotel, keep in mind a prominent place as a church around it, big market ...
If you use a smart phone, use GPS navigation functions, a few travel apps such as maps, language. Finally, if you still do not know what to do, find the nearest hotel, at least they help you get a safe taxi.
  • You cannot enter the rooms
If you choose hotel bed and breakfast, small hotels or guesthouses you cannot fall into the above situations. However, if you fall into this vexing circumstances, you should not be too frightened. You should knock on the door and tried calling the front desk. If all else fails, you look to the café is open 24/7 or headed to a nightclub if you can afford to pay. Finally, if everything does not work, go to the waiting room a train or bus station.
  • You have to back due to family emergencies
Indeed, this is a situation where any traveler who also fear the thought. However, there are situations that occur are not as expected. To resolve this situation, you first need to calm down. Certainly, you will need to catch a flight, train or automobile to get home as soon as possible. However, you will probably feel a little better if solved the money problem.
Please check the insurance company, you can expect the terms of compensation in cases of emergency or cancel changes. In case no insurance and you still have to put the flight, you can talk with the airline and present circumstances because of some genuine empathy with the emergence of the customer and cannot revenue ticket change fee. You will have to provide evidence to the airline. With accommodations, try negotiating with the hotel to refund or retained for the next time your reservation without additional charges.
  • You stolen papers and credit cards
Lost credit card and identification documents when traveling abroad Summer 2014 is a nightmare for any traveler. When you travel to explore the beautiful beaches and majestic mountains. If you care this photo papers, rewriting credit card numbers and telephone numbers of customer care of the bank before you indeed luckier than a lot of people. Please report immediately to the local police and the bank know about your condition. And to avoid falling into this situation, make sure you enough cash in person and avoid all the money, credit cards, and documents in one place.
  • You do not reserve room
Maybe not in the hotel room at night help tortuous than not having any room for you. You to hotels, motels and realize you have not booked in advance. Due to the high season, the hotel every room, definitely not what you would feel worse. Talk to the hotel and ask them to help you find an alternative hotel. Are more likely alternative hotel will not guarantee quality and good location as the hotel of your choice, so you should negotiate for a better price. Or if you still prefer this hotel, set front and back in a few days.
  • Credit/debit cards cannot be used
Currently, in order to avoid carrying cash and usability, a lot of people use credit cards or international debit cards while traveling overseas. However, precisely because of its convenient to many offices do not carry cash all while cards are not always accepted. You can avoid falling into this situation if more thorough preparation: carry more cards, leave them in a safe location and do not forget to bring various spare cash.
  • Your room number is "visible"
The hotel reception says your room number aloud when you're doing a little check-in procedure. You are a woman, you're traveling alone, this is definitely a situation you did not expect. In fact, the hotel staff is trained to not speak to the customer's room. However, if you fall into this situation, offer to change the front room and ask for your room number written.

The troubles encountered when you travel abroad without knowing English

Just meet financial, anyone can comfortably enjoy a foreign trip wonderfully. But besides that, not everyone can say or hear or understand English. You need to equip yourself with some minimum English capital to avoid the following situations:
  1. Trouble at customs if no English
July is the season big sale in Singapore, tourists flock here in large, including Vietnam. So at the airport customs department Sing always worked very strict. Recently, on the electronic media and forums to talk about the refusal of entry for tourists from Vietnam to Singapore women. A female tourist was pressing Vietnam to share the troubles you encounter while traveling in Singapore. She was kept in isolation wards at airport Sing to the test and ask many personal questions. Luckily she knows English to be able to answer and get to the last. She said there are also many women Vietnam held for inspection, however many do not speak English should not be understood and answered.
  1. The lost way that cannot ask someone:
Lost while traveling is common problems, by the mind and find their way in a country completely alien is very difficult. Imagine what you would do when you're traveling abroad, getting lost while you cannot hear and speak English? The way questions will become very difficult and even you could be in danger if encountered the bad person.

Ms. Minh Trang, 45, office workers currently living in Vung Tau retelling lost to Australia at the graduation ceremony of the last year. "The mood was really scared because the area was so deserted and I could not ask someone directions without knowing English. Fortunately when she met a Vietnam is leading the way home," Ms. Page said. She said if that time does not meet the Vietnamese, she does not know how to manage.
  1. Difficulty paying the price to buy
English is the only language used for communication between tourists and sellers. Many people want to pay the price when buying a certain item but cannot speak or do not know how exchange with the buyer.
Ngan, 21, a student at the HCM City to share in this experience while traveling in Thailand. You know English but not fluently and fluency. When shopping in a bazaar of Thai party, you want to buy a shirt can cost quite expensive. Banks want to pay the price just right but not know how to say how, and afraid of the seller did not understand so they sadly abandon the beautiful coat.
  1. Dangerous when encountered bad guys
Tourists, especially women at risk of facing some risks encountered bad guys. Dangerous prone than women traveling alone or in the form of self-sufficiency. They may be wrong if the lead can not understand the language.
Many successful entrepreneurs have confirmed English is extremely important not only when you want to travel abroad but also for work. In any case, tourism, airline, and airport personnel in ... always trying to help the international traveler in English. More. while Bus and trains in other countries, tourists are able to communicate with the locals in English ".