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10 skills to know when traveling abroad dust

Dislikes tour, young people prefer self-travel should possess a number of useful junk that can easily improvise, overcome the difficulties on the way.
1. Reading a map: In the era of GPS, you should still know how to read extradition - extremely useful skill when out of coverage areas. This is also an essential tool on the road climbing, determining the city center, or when you want to save the network traffic in case needed. Let yourself learn how to navigate through the use of the compass, study the map at any place you arrive to be more confident in strange lands.
2. Bid: Bid as needed saving is an art. And pay even more useful than you might imagine, so please practice this skill whenever possible. Most people only think to pay the price at the sidewalk with a common technique: low pay, pretending away if the seller refuses. But pay exists at times as if you call the hotel, for example. You will feel more confident when not facing the hotel because of the potential lost a potential customer (you) will be much higher and you can earn the right price easier.
3. Learn how to convert: You've converted kilometers, liters, Celsius to miles, gallons and Fahrenheit? Grasp the basic knowledge of these units will help you adhere to the speed that is not checked regularly, order drinks and dress appropriately for the weather ... In addition, familiarize yourself with the currency local and not only help your rate shopping, affordable, but also avoid excessive spending. 1,000 Japanese yen and US $ 1,000 difference in value is quite large. Ability to convert quickly price meals, tickets to the amount of water will help you avoid spending much.
4. Access to the stranger: Along the way, strangers can show you the restaurants, shops and attractions the most interesting Internet is not necessarily there. If you accidentally get lost, they can help you find the way to go. Whatever approach a stranger can be somewhat scary a little, but you can start by asking the shop owners or hotel staff (even if you do not stay there). Though where the service people often speak more languages than all.
5. Learn some survival skills: Traveling alone or with friends, you should know how to use the first aid and some other skills like CPR, help people choking, choking. Best to join a class respiration to feel confident and be more fully updated. Some other basic skills as swimming, hemostatic, self-defense or when the shock treatment.
6. Drive the floor is car number: In the US, the number of vehicles of the floor is not high, so the ability to rent an automatic vehicle not too big problem. However, while in Europe, remember you can rent cars of the floor easier and a lot cheaper. If you can drive by car to the floor number, you will not have to worry much about their vehicles. In addition to the instruction set of the floor driving rampant on the net, nothing useful by embarking on a car driving really now.
7. Use the lavatory: On the way to travel, you may need to use the lavatory, especially in the East. You will have to decide whether to undress or not. Put the legs up or pedestal, squat, knees could hold more firmly to sit. Once done, you get water to the toilet flushed. Toilet paper cannot have (this is why water) though you can bring your paper, but do not leave the toilet. This is a nice kind of toilets clogged.
8. Learning the local language: If you could speak a language other than English is good, but not always so population. Instead, they just need to know all the keywords important to go anywhere. Overcome barriers to learning and demonstrate their efforts. These efforts will help you more confident and orient the new limits, local people will also appreciate this. Some applications like Duolingo will help you learn the most basic words: hello, no, yes, count the number of 1 to 10, how to order. In addition, Google Translate will translate the phrase you want to use.
9. Replace tires: Understanding some repair skills will help you a lot. However, knowing how to change the tire, especially on long trips, will help you avoid the hassle and quite a few headaches - of course, the trip continued anymore. Learn the location of the team, lifting the car, loosen screws ... Also need to learn some other skills such as car boot by wires, parallel parking (you will occupy the position beans the most beautiful car easily)
10. Boneless fish: it seems a bit strange, but you can try to understand why people put these standards on the list: K - to eat in the restaurant, you usually don't need to think too much, just need to select and enjoy the delicacy. However, there are when you eat fish, harder than I imagined when the chef decided processing and furnishings resources. You can put the meat from the bones and meat (or just eat in the bones). In general, fishbone is a kind of art, we eat very easy dirty, a lot less. First of all, you practice this skill at home.