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8 things interesting and attractive for traveling aboard

Tourism is about the precious time for family, friends or for yourself. Moreover, you can discover interesting things of life.
1. Expand knowledge and soul
The wise man has a common point is that they are "moved", both physically and mentally. Buddha, Lord Jesu, Che Guevara, Ho Chi Minh ... they had to leave their safe zone, to a new land. There they learned the synthetic layers of history, geography, architecture, language ... All of them are the real experience that no book can teach.
Not sure you'll economic wealth, but surely will be full knowledge bank added daily. As Augustine once said: "The world is a book, one does not go, then only read one page."
Every time a new land, we will be in contact with people and lifestyles unique there, and that these things will make us open our hearts to receive the quintessence from many cultures different chemicals. From there, our hearts will become more open and have more to glimpse many problems in life.
2. Good communication, openness and friendly
When traveling to a new land. If you want to learn about the history and culture of the land, it's best that you go talk to the natives. After each conversation, your ability to communicate will be better. Communicate more with strangers also make you become open, more friendly with the people around. In addition, travel is one of the fastest ways to learn a foreign language.
3. Have more friends
Along the way, you will have the opportunity to get acquainted with new friends. They may be the ones traveling with you, can also be natives. And especially the posts by people you have the same interests as you.
4. Relax the mind after a stressful working day
After a long day of work at the office, a school will cause your body to become sluggish and tired. A trip will help you change the atmosphere, making the pleasure soul.
Moreover, you can combine with exciting activities such as hiking, swimming or playing beach soccer 1 match with the local population. Try new things that will help you get rid of the thinking "stress" in their daily lives and improve stamina effectively. Lucid wisdom comes with the supple body, it is superb.
5. Enjoy special dishes
In a flat world today, food is still a cultural peculiarity of each local... There must eat the right foods local origin, are properly cooked with indigenous materials and new features exudes the essence of all of the dishes. If traveling somewhere, spend one evening walk around and enjoy the specialties of the place was offline. Memories that will be very difficult to forget it.
6. Refresh yourself
Arriving in foreign lands giving you a fresh feeling. No longer is 4 walls and computer monitors stuffy, you find the vast sea with green ocean row, immersed in the highlands where sun and wind, immense trees. All the fatigue, pressure from life, office quickly blown away, and instead of a new soul, ready to flush innovative ideas, groundbreaking. So, whether vacation days allowed to spend no less when you return you will certainly work efficiency many times over.
7. Personality becomes more active
Go more, see more, experience more will help you to mature and have insight into life more. It was the girls will become more personal, but also become more generous. personality cuter, more open. And the boys will become more confident because of new experiences not everyone has.
Traveling by tour, everything was company travel arrangements. You were not doing anything but spend money, portable suitcase up and go. In contrast, the self-traveling you will prepare for the smallest things, such as buying tickets, reservations, find locations, rental car ...
Also, in your journey you may also encounter the unforeseen issue, such as the missing ship, not rent property, lost, damaged car halfway, are going to see heavy rain, forget fixtures ... However, the issue that will help you learn how to solve problems in a flexible manner. How many times gone through, you'll have the bravery to face any situation in life and work, the stronger and more independent.
8. Less materialistic than
During your trip, you will realize life really is not entirely dependent on the material. You will find most of what sellers are offering no avail yourself