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General U.S. travel experiences

The US - The country with the economy topped the world with a population of about 300 million people with a total area of one of the top country in the world. It is also the country with the most diverse races in the world. The reason there are too many immigrants in the country the most developed in the world. Tourism is one big bright spot in the US, in no small part to contribute 1 US economy. The modern city, the spectacular natural wonders along the mysticism attracted many visitors. Hopefully, the following will bring you a perfect trip.
  • The appropriate time to travel America
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Vast terrain leading to the climate in the United States is extremely diverse. Here, 1 year has 4 Spring - Lower - Thu - East like in Vietnam. But the most appropriate time for tourism in the city is at the time of the fall and spring.
Spring in the US beginning in March until the end of June early July 7. Like Vietnam, the United States, spring is like everything revived after cold winters and harsh. Weather is also very pleasant, very convenient for sightseeing, move. Besides, the Vietnamese migrants living in the US is quite crowded, you can fully participate, immersed in an exciting atmosphere of the New Year's festival; such as Traditional Lunar New Year at this land.
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Autumn in America very pleasant, starting from September until May 12. Despite the weather will be chilly but still high relative humidity. This is also the season where the city transformed itself with yellow and red leaves, trees create a colorful succession.
Summer and winter also in America really pretty harsh. Winter is the season that you should avoid most, it not only snow but also cold, very thick coated; sometimes winds also bring blizzards. Summer, rising temperatures, higher humidity but also not so that makes the weather more pleasant; the wet summer had just made a high temperature, the atmosphere was becoming hot.
My travel experiences self most detailed travel experiences self most detailed US.
However, you also need to consider carefully, sometimes in several localities of the United States in early autumn or late spring may occur cyclones or typhoons on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico.
  • Transportation mainly in the US
Transportation for America easiest to just be an aircraft; Vietnamese people often choose large aircraft carriers and prestige for your trip; can be listed as Vietnam Airlines, United, Air France, Cathay Pacific, Korean Air, ... In the US, about 5 main airports: International airport Chicago O 'Hare; Newark Liberty International Airport; Los Angeles International Airport; Hartsfield International Airport and airport security Francisco.
Although there are quite a lot of airlines are the main focus for this potential routes. Yet there are some airlines; to access terminals in the US are often divided into stages flights aka stop the transit point. Fares depend on the number of transit points.
Domestic airlines are our famous Vietnam Airlines has no direct route. So if you want to support the development of domestic goods is somewhat inadequate. The transit of 2-3 points that you take some time to work on the plane.
Ticket prices from Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City to the United States fell between $ 1300 - $ 1652. If more stops are the cheaper the ticket price; so that the hunt for cheap airfare to the United States a not too difficult at the present time. When the Internet is growing. Moreover, the time period from the booking time to go as far apart as the cheaper fares.