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Synthetic Korean travel experience autumn

Autumn has always been considered the most beautiful and romantic season of the year, this is a subject for a lot of artwork. And South Korea is the country which has a lot of beauty when in revenue, the scenery becomes ever greater. Especially to mention to the popular movie "Autumn in My Heart" worked awake the hearts of audiences Vietnam for a while and put the wave of Korean culture becomes more popular in Vietnam for the moment as well as more vibrant future.
  • Transportation to Korea
Currently, in Vietnam, there are two international airports as Noi Bai (Hanoi) and Tan Son Nhat ( Saigon) serves flights to South Korea. The direct flight operators include Asiana Airlines, Malaysia Airlines, Vietnam Airlines, Korean Air, Cathay Pacific Airlines, Dragon Air.
  • Moving vehicles in Korea
  • Train
To move between cities, visitors can choose the train. Trains in Korea there are 3 types: Express (KTX), Saemaul and Mugunhwa. High-speed rail is a new facility is operated since 2004, with high-speed, stops at, it should take less time to move through quite an expensive fare. Mugunghwa, in contrast, the slow pace, had to stop at many points but cheap cost. Saemaul standing in the middle with speed and mid-range price.
  • Bus
Bus public transport is very popular and is the main transportation in Korea because of the connection between cities and towns together. With a dynamic country like Korea, the bus also becomes punctual and fast. Besides, you can go many places due to travel by bus.
  • Bicycle
Koreans mainly travel by buses and cars, but also the route for bicycles. Routes for bicycles in Korea is designed along the canals and rivers flowing through Seoul, cyclists in the city center, and also offers trails for cyclists easy mountains surrounding hills, ...
  • Cars
in the big cities such as Seoul, visitors should not drive a car, so crowded and roads or traffic jams. However, taxis in Korea is very diverse, clean, safe and affordable. You can call a taxi by phone, this type is more expensive than a regular taxi. There are four types of taxi in Seoul: taxis often, luxurious cab, taxi, and Taxi download mark.
  • Motels, hotels, and resorts to relax in Korea
Korea has diverse forms of accommodation for international travelers. From the system of hotels, resorts world class (be evaluated according to criteria 1-5 apricot, equivalent to 1-5 star international), to form stays home stay (Han-ok stay), or temple stay (stay in the temple and learn meditation) for travelers to experience culture unique, very own Korea or form stays cheap (Youth Hostels, Motels, Guest Houses) standard pickup international.
  • Places to visit when traveling Korea (In Seoul)
  • Avenue Sejong (Sejong Daero)
Named after the emperor's greatest Joseon, he was the one who invented the alphabet Hangul that Koreans are using now, despite the objections of the scholar used the Chinese character of China. Because named after this great Emperor Sejong Boulevard which is also rated as "VIP road" of Seoul, was named the most beautiful roads in Korea.

This is the way many of the office's administrative offices in Seoul Korea in particular and in general. Especially in the fall, you will be watching many species of colorful flower on this road. Avenue sidewalk very spacious and airy with plenty of restaurants, cafes and public places are also very nice and convenient for tourists stroll base.
Gwanghwamun Plaza is located on the boulevard is home to the statue of King Sejong and General Yi Sun Shin - one of 10 generals greatest world history. Here often take place events industry trade exhibition in Korea and internationally. The last point of the boulevard is Gwanghwa Gate of Gyeongbok Palace.
  • Gyeongbokgung Palace
Royal Palace Gyeongbokgung (Gyeongbok Gung ) is the first royal palace was built during the Joseon dynasty (the last feudal dynasty of Korea). Built in 1395, just three years after the Joseon Dynasty was founded, located in the center of Seoul (then Hanyang). The palace is located feng shui like the Forbidden City in China: back against the mountainside overlooking the sea.
  • Namsan Tower
Namsan Tower seems too familiar if you're a film buff Korea. The two towers and buildings Namsan N Seoul Tower in Seoul has become extremely popular tourist destinations and foreign tourists, as well as Korean people, love. Terrace of the two towers is a place for dating couples, save the love kite Convention on the locks and panoramic view of Seoul at night. It is often said that if not to the Namsan Tower is considered not to Korea.