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The biggest mistake when travelling abroad

  1. Luggage too heavy
At home, with a closet full of tight, you do not hesitate to replace them regularly after work, exercise ... but when you're traveling, the need to change their thinking. According to a recent survey by Travelodge, two-thirds of tourists are returning from a trip with at least six unused outfits. The lesson is that you do not need to replace the clothes continuously during the trip. Could just at least 2-3 sets of wearable for any time during the journey rather than frequently change clothes. Experience is the movement in the suitcase, then remember leaving half at home.
  1.  Do not buy just anything you like
You think the store was back there and will find that item cheaper in another store should not buy it. But a lot of risks that both it does not happen, it will cause you to regret and always thinking about them. So when you see something you like, but not sure a second chance to do it, hurry to buy without hesitation.
  1.  Do not check charge international call forwarding service provider before traveling
Because when you go to a different country or region you have to take charge of international conversion, rates of use may much higher and it directly affects your pocketbook.
  1. Believing in the introduction, "near downtown"
"Not far from the city center" is a question many hotels introduced to your reservation based on psychological located in the central area. However, upon arrival, they said the hotel or restaurant has put far away from where you are. This makes you have to spend a lot of money for transportation to tourist attractions, dissipated. So, one should learn before it on google map hotel (google map of the world) or through the site before the official tour reservation.
  1.  Forget carry copies of important documents
Important documents were passports, travel insurance, credit cards ... This error can cause you to fall into the disaster if stolen. You should also carefully review the time limit on the passport and visa, lest be phen stampeding holiday there.
  1.  Forget account the difference in time zones
When booking flights, hotels or rental terms of traffic you forget the time difference between the attractions. Also not learn before local festival calendar in your travel time can also cause many problems for you to move. So while you enjoy assistant fire to where the hotel cannot be rented, not bought air tickets, train or bus.
  1. Do not choose the time to book tickets
According to a study conducted by CheapAir concluded that visitors can find 79 tickets cheapest day before domestic flights and 81 international flights the previous day. But according to travel agencies, Kaya is 21 and 34 days before domestic flights and international matches the time of booking. While researchers at Texas A & M University found that Saturday and Sunday are the best to book cheap tickets and promotions. However no rules really perfect, it totally depends on the ability to capture your travel market.
  1. Be disrespectful of local culture
Maybe you go to a place quite traditional but ultra short skirts, tube tops to show off the skin. This will cause you to not get sympathy from the locals.
  1. Changing money at the airport
When traveling internationally, the visitors 'amateur' new money changers at the airport, by foreign currency exchange rates are always better when in the city. A survey of foreign exchange at London's Heathrow airport to see change is 1 Euro 1.71 USD. Street money changers near Oxford Circus, with only 1.62 USD you 1 Euro. Therefore, you should only convert a sufficient amount of money, really needed at the airport before entering the city and find a place with better rates.
  1. Do not arrive early or pre-calculate the likelihood
You can face the situation crowded, queues at airports, railway stations if you do not come early and premeditated the possibilities that may occur as a traffic jam, car damaged ... This may be making your trip canceled.