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The most delicious snacks specialty Origin when travelling Taiwan

Coming to Taiwan, tourists hardly ignore the bustling night market with hundreds of different types of snacks. One of the food style Taiwanese may be mentioned as tofu rot, pearl milk tea ...
1 Tofu rot
Coming to the night market, not easy to smell the odor of rotten tofu flying everywhere can make first-time visitors are inhaling "severe shock". This is a normal type of tofu is one for fermentation. To a certain threshold, the chef will fry up. At guests to eat, beans are fried again to ensure heat and served with chutney, pickled cabbage.
For the day of beans crunchy mix with slightly sour, slightly spicy sweet ... very attractive. Initially when you eat can smell not the most pleasant. But as chew thoroughly feel the day, fleshy and very crushing. Foreign tourists were put smelly tofu is certain dishes to enjoy when coming to this beautiful island.
2 Oysters fried
Oysters fried bread, also known as oysters. This dish was very familiar to the radio and you can see it from anywhere on the street, from the store until the topping simple stalls. Fresh oysters carefully selected and marinated according to a traditional secret. Then they are fried with a little flour, eggs, and vegetables. Skilled workers must quickly turn the new class rum crispy fried dough, fine golden underneath. This dish should definitely eat at the hot and be tutoring little tomato sauce.
3 Noodles with beef
Beef noodles appear in many cuisines around the world but the taste in Taiwan seem quite different. Portions of pasta are handmade by hand should be very soft yarn. Whether boiled, but when eating, you still feel flexible and tough. Broth from bones and oxtail stew with herbs added.
Beef is cut into pieces large pieces and stew while eating should carefully notice the sweetness of the meat. Taiwanese beef noodles are eaten all year round to dinner from lunch (not sold in the morning). Especially, if to Taiwan in the days of cold or rain, but nothing better than sipping a hot bowl of beef noodles exudes the seductive fragrance.
4 Seed pearl tea milk
Taiwan is home to generate this particular beverage. Currently, milk tea cup has appeared all over the world. But go to Taiwan sipping tea to feel the uniqueness of its own. In this island, there are tens of thousands of shops selling drinks roadside fast so visitors easily buy canned milk tea cup to drink. Bland flavor of tea mixed with milk tastes greasy and not too sweet chew each plastic pearl beads, chewy fun.
5 Fruits beams
Fruit distinction beams in Taiwan compared to other places that are mixing and adding ingredients. Not merely with fruit, milk, and ice, where you have both nearly hundred different choices. The salesman will give you a larger bowl filled with ice. Then you will place the counter to pick the fruit is chopped discretion and for accompanying red beans, green, fried taro are road ready. Finally, they will sprinkle something special brown water uphill constant waves. When you eat, you just mix up and enjoy.