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The troubles encountered when you travel abroad without knowing English

Just meet financial, anyone can comfortably enjoy a foreign trip wonderfully. But besides that, not everyone can say or hear or understand English. You need to equip yourself with some minimum English capital to avoid the following situations:
  1. Trouble at customs if no English
July is the season big sale in Singapore, tourists flock here in large, including Vietnam. So at the airport customs department Sing always worked very strict. Recently, on the electronic media and forums to talk about the refusal of entry for tourists from Vietnam to Singapore women. A female tourist was pressing Vietnam to share the troubles you encounter while traveling in Singapore. She was kept in isolation wards at airport Sing to the test and ask many personal questions. Luckily she knows English to be able to answer and get to the last. She said there are also many women Vietnam held for inspection, however many do not speak English should not be understood and answered.
  1. The lost way that cannot ask someone:
Lost while traveling is common problems, by the mind and find their way in a country completely alien is very difficult. Imagine what you would do when you're traveling abroad, getting lost while you cannot hear and speak English? The way questions will become very difficult and even you could be in danger if encountered the bad person.

Ms. Minh Trang, 45, office workers currently living in Vung Tau retelling lost to Australia at the graduation ceremony of the last year. "The mood was really scared because the area was so deserted and I could not ask someone directions without knowing English. Fortunately when she met a Vietnam is leading the way home," Ms. Page said. She said if that time does not meet the Vietnamese, she does not know how to manage.
  1. Difficulty paying the price to buy
English is the only language used for communication between tourists and sellers. Many people want to pay the price when buying a certain item but cannot speak or do not know how exchange with the buyer.
Ngan, 21, a student at the HCM City to share in this experience while traveling in Thailand. You know English but not fluently and fluency. When shopping in a bazaar of Thai party, you want to buy a shirt can cost quite expensive. Banks want to pay the price just right but not know how to say how, and afraid of the seller did not understand so they sadly abandon the beautiful coat.
  1. Dangerous when encountered bad guys
Tourists, especially women at risk of facing some risks encountered bad guys. Dangerous prone than women traveling alone or in the form of self-sufficiency. They may be wrong if the lead can not understand the language.
Many successful entrepreneurs have confirmed English is extremely important not only when you want to travel abroad but also for work. In any case, tourism, airline, and airport personnel in ... always trying to help the international traveler in English. More. while Bus and trains in other countries, tourists are able to communicate with the locals in English ".