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These difficult situations while traveling and workarounds

No known previous tackle a vexing circumstance can ruin your vacation. Here is the difficult situation you may encounter and how to handle.
  • You lost your way
This is quite popular with tourists. Especially, if you are traveling alone, do not know the local language, the situation can make you panic. However, well-known travel companies Danang Green propose a few ways to help you escape from this situation:
  • The most classic is always to bring the hotel address before you go out.
  • 2nd way, if you do not go too far from your hotel, keep in mind a prominent place as a church around it, big market ...
If you use a smart phone, use GPS navigation functions, a few travel apps such as maps, language. Finally, if you still do not know what to do, find the nearest hotel, at least they help you get a safe taxi.
  • You cannot enter the rooms
If you choose hotel bed and breakfast, small hotels or guesthouses you cannot fall into the above situations. However, if you fall into this vexing circumstances, you should not be too frightened. You should knock on the door and tried calling the front desk. If all else fails, you look to the café is open 24/7 or headed to a nightclub if you can afford to pay. Finally, if everything does not work, go to the waiting room a train or bus station.
  • You have to back due to family emergencies
Indeed, this is a situation where any traveler who also fear the thought. However, there are situations that occur are not as expected. To resolve this situation, you first need to calm down. Certainly, you will need to catch a flight, train or automobile to get home as soon as possible. However, you will probably feel a little better if solved the money problem.
Please check the insurance company, you can expect the terms of compensation in cases of emergency or cancel changes. In case no insurance and you still have to put the flight, you can talk with the airline and present circumstances because of some genuine empathy with the emergence of the customer and cannot revenue ticket change fee. You will have to provide evidence to the airline. With accommodations, try negotiating with the hotel to refund or retained for the next time your reservation without additional charges.
  • You stolen papers and credit cards
Lost credit card and identification documents when traveling abroad Summer 2014 is a nightmare for any traveler. When you travel to explore the beautiful beaches and majestic mountains. If you care this photo papers, rewriting credit card numbers and telephone numbers of customer care of the bank before you indeed luckier than a lot of people. Please report immediately to the local police and the bank know about your condition. And to avoid falling into this situation, make sure you enough cash in person and avoid all the money, credit cards, and documents in one place.
  • You do not reserve room
Maybe not in the hotel room at night help tortuous than not having any room for you. You to hotels, motels and realize you have not booked in advance. Due to the high season, the hotel every room, definitely not what you would feel worse. Talk to the hotel and ask them to help you find an alternative hotel. Are more likely alternative hotel will not guarantee quality and good location as the hotel of your choice, so you should negotiate for a better price. Or if you still prefer this hotel, set front and back in a few days.
  • Credit/debit cards cannot be used
Currently, in order to avoid carrying cash and usability, a lot of people use credit cards or international debit cards while traveling overseas. However, precisely because of its convenient to many offices do not carry cash all while cards are not always accepted. You can avoid falling into this situation if more thorough preparation: carry more cards, leave them in a safe location and do not forget to bring various spare cash.
  • Your room number is "visible"
The hotel reception says your room number aloud when you're doing a little check-in procedure. You are a woman, you're traveling alone, this is definitely a situation you did not expect. In fact, the hotel staff is trained to not speak to the customer's room. However, if you fall into this situation, offer to change the front room and ask for your room number written.